Access WiFi on the Go.

Stay connected at coffee shops, malls,
restaurants, gyms, theatres and more..

Recommend your neighbourhood store to get
OpenWifi network

4 reasons to choose OpenWifi


A reliable, high speed Wi-Fi service that is legally compliant

Saves Mobile Data

There's no need to eat into your mobile data

Ready To Use

Once you’re signed up.
You'll connect automatically whenever you’re near our hotspots


With Openwifi, you live the digital lifestyle - securely and conveniently.

How it works..?

Log in once. Connect forever.
Once your device is registered, it will automatically connect
whenever you're in openwifi hotspot.

Connect to openwifi network.

           Connect to Store's OpenWifi Network.
           Eg:Coffee Hut-OpenWifi

Get your store offers & go online.

       Read through your store offers,
       click 'Go Online' to get connected.


  • Private Network

    No one can snoop in to your browsing data.

  • Store Promotions

    Never miss out a store promotion,get sms on connecting to wifi.

  • One Account, All your devices

    No more OTP confirmation on everytime you connect.

  • Profile Page

    To manage your devices and know your visiting.

Recommend your neighbourhood store to get
OpenWifi network